“You’re missionaries in, Italy?”


“Where?” is inevitably the next question we are asked . . . but if we say Mestre, no one knows where that is!  And if we say “Venice”, then no one takes us seriously . . . so, what do we say . . . ?


map of Europe - Italy



Venice is where that red spot is located on the map of Italy . . . the aerial shot shows a view of the metro area . . .


We’ve gotten used to saying we live in “Venice-Mestre”.  Italians know what we are talking about, and others quickly catch on when we describe Mestre as the mainland part of the famed island-city of Venice.

See the pin with the “A” – that’s about where our apartment is.  Just to the right is suburb called, “Favaro Veneto” and that’s where our church meeting place is.

Since the 60’s, when a great exodus of Venetians moved on to the mainland for a cheaper and more convenient lifestyle, Mestre has taken on the role of bedroom community for the “tourism machine” of Venice.  Marghera, on the other hand, has the distinction of being the industrial zone Venice.

Like the rest of Italy, Venice/Mestre/Marghera is a place steeped in culture and tradition. Venice was once a republic – a superpower, ruling the world’s trade routes.  A city built on the water – offering a unique lifestyle, on the cutting edge of the future.  Today, the decline of Venice is a constant worry to the Venetians who love her so.  The ancient paint-chipped buildings and worn down cobblestone streets remind you that what man prizes so much, is surely passing away.

The people of God were made to stand in this gap and bless – even Venice.