"Working to bring the light of the Gospel to Mestre, Italy."

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..."


Church Planting is Relationships

Life and ministry in Italy means many things. There are several different ministries that we as a family and as a church have embraced. Basketball and baseball programs for youth outreach, english classes, leadership training, and worship outreach programs are just a couple of the ways in which we have been called and led to reach the people around us in Italy.

Take a look at this Prezi presentation to see how all this fits together to make ministry happen.  You’ll have to keep clicking to advance the presentation as you move through it – and oh, and don’t forget to turn up your volume on your computer!

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The Whole Crooks Family

We have had the wonderful pleasure of being able to all be in Grand Rapids and enjoy this special time together. These last couple of years has brought weddings, birthdays, parent teacher conferences, road trips to see family, the beginning and finishing of college, many plane trips and everything in between. We feel great joy in being able to share at least this moment of life together as one big family.  Click on our picture to see our story and ministry in just a few minutes and a few “clicks”.  Enjoy – oh, and do turn up your speakers!


Please consider  joining our support team!

We are currently in the US raising support to be able to return to our home and ministry in Italy.  We need you on our team to help us establish a reproducing church there!  team logoClick the TEAM logo to give now.

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